Monday, December 10, 2007

A cold day on the Barbican

We decided we should take a trip to Plymouth - nice sunny day and nothing special to do. When we were teaching the Swiss boys in our first two weeks here in Torquay they had a trip to Plymouth and they went to see the Aquarium, and the Barbican, ... and being 17 year olds they said it was boring and that they were too old for that stuff. Maybe, really, they just weren't old enough to appreciate.

We didn't go in on the bus with the boys, we drove on our own. But it was crowded in Plymouth that day, so we drove on through and went to Land's End instead.

So this day it wasn't crowded.

The photo is a bit blue because it was late in the day (about 2pm) and the shadows were getting deep ... and it was cold! Clear, but with a cold wind.

Pretty, though. And lots and lots of boats. A very boaty place.

We thought it might be a bit warmer in the Aquarium.

Fancy looking building. But somehow at nine pounds fifty each, it just didn't seem worth it. We've probably seen more sea life in the wild (on Mer) than they can show us, not to mention that there is a fabulous aquarium in Perth, Western Australia.

So we had a late lunch of fish and chips in a nice warm restaurant, and went home.