Monday, December 10, 2007

Visitors from the East

Well, Brighton. That's a bit East of here.

Charlotte and Susan (who we stayed with in Brighton when we first left Sheffield) visited us for the weekend. We tried to go see the local little castle at Compton, but of course it was closed for winter.

But we did manage to go and see Brixham - what a great little place. We had fudge from one of the fudge shops, and we had a Devonshire cream tea - with fruit scones and jam and clotted cream - in a little tea shop.

And we went to see "Bygones" in Torquay.

Lots of displays of how things were in the Victorian era, and also back in the '50s and 60's. The house is set up like a Victorian street (inside the house), and you could hear lots of "Ooh, d'you remember those?..." from people walking though.

There is a train - a real (huge) steam engine - inside the house up on the first floor.

Apparently the madness of purchasing this piece of machinery and installing it in the house (using a crane to lift it to its present resting place) was what started the whole 'Bygones' idea.

But the BEST thing at Bygones is the old coin-slot games and machines. For a lot of them you have to buy an old penny to play with (costs 20p!), with others you can use 10p or 20p.

It wasn't exactly air hockey, but there was a score to settle and this was a lot of fun.

And then the weather closed in for a while, and what better between English teachers than a game of Scrabble.

A most enjoyable weekend.